Greg Tilse

Managing Director and Founder
Founder of Client Culture, Greg is passionate about helping firms deliver remarkable experiences that turn clients into advocates and help staff engage, connect and thrive. With a diverse background in law, management consulting and finance, Greg has worked with clients across Australasia, Europe and Asia. Greg holds Commerce and Law degrees from the Australian National University and an MBA from the Melbourne Business School, where he was the Nobby Clarke Scholar. He has lived in Italy and Japan and loves the cultures, food and languages, but admits he should be way more proficient than he actually is. He's an avid runner and below-par cyclist.

"In addition to providing a leading experience platform, we enjoy working closely with our clients, over many years, advising them on the best steps to improve and grow their firms."

Greg Tilse
Managing Director, Client Culture

Lisa Borden

Lisa is a leader in client experience with over 200 successful research and advisory programs globally. Founder of CCI Consulting and former Managing Partner of ISG Australia and New Zealand, Lisa is at the forefront of managing the evolution of successful business-to-business relationships to create a competitive advantage. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics major) and an MBA from the Melbourne Business School.

"The next five years are going to see more change in services businesses than I've seen in the last 30 years of my career. I'm excited about what's ahead and looking forward to working with our clients to support them along the way."

Lisa Borden
Director, Client Culture


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