August 1, 2023

Language settings

Since Client Culture operates in a variety of regions across the globe, we offer local language versions of our surveys.

Culturally appropriate

A core principle of our Client Experience Programs is that it must be culturally appropriate for the region. This naturally includes using the local language.

Survey questions will be asked in the local language and the client can use which ever language they prefer to respond in.

Where multiple languages are spoken in a country typically the firm identifies a language preference for each of their clients individually. For example, Belgium has three official languages – Dutch, German and French. Client Culture would ordinarily send the survey in the individual client's preferred language, be that, Dutch, German or French.

For our clients

For the professionals using our platform for client experience insights, they will be able to read survey responses in the language used by their client.


If you have any questions about how we adapt our language settings to suit local cultures please don't hesitate to get in touch.