Client Culture shortlisted for an ALTA award.

Australian Legal Technology Association award for best integration with a large law firm.

July 23, 2023

Client Culture is proud to have been selected as a finalist with macpherson kelley in the ALTA - Australian Legal Technology Association 2022 awards for best integration with Australian legal technology to achieve stakeholder goals for a large law firm.

Thank you to Morag Latta for hosting a wonderful event and of course to David Ward, Grant Guenther, Sally Luxmoore, Erin MacKinnon and the whole team at Macpherson Kelley for so enthusiastically embracing the client experience program and passionately committing to making service excellence a real point of difference. As our Managing Director Greg Tilse says:

macpherson kelley are clear leaders in the market for their level of commitment to client experience. The whole firm, at all levels, is deeply invested in the process.

The Client Experience Program with macpherson kelley began in October 2021. Part of the Program involves monthly short NPS surveys to all clients invoiced in the month across the firm's four offices. Results are distributed to legal teams in real-time. Each month over 200 staff, from legal to marketing to human resources, access the platform, to recognise and celebrate staff, identify testimonials, deepen relationships with happy clients or identify where service improvement is possible.

The motivation for the commitment is clear. As COO of macpherson kelley, David Ward, says:

Our people want to know what our clients think. If we want our clients to be our greatest advocates then we need to know (not guess) where our clients are at so we can improve, delight or consciously change the client experience we want to deliver. This is about being better each day and we couldn’t have done it without Client Culture helping us gather this invaluable insight.

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