Following up with promoters in NPS

Getting some great feedback from a client creates the perfect moment to pick up the phone and have a conversation. Here we discuss some goals and tips for that phone call.

August 1, 2023

What is a promoter?

A client who has given a score of 9 or 10 in response to the question – how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague? – according to the NPS global standard.

What does a promoter score mean?

The client is satisfied and loyal. More than this, there is a good chance that the client is likely to recommend your service.

Goal 1: Can we do better?

Just because this client is a promoter doesn’t mean we can’t do better. Clients want to know that we are committed to continuous improvement and client satisfaction. If the client has mentioned in the survey a way we can do better than explore this in detail. If they haven’t mentioned anything then ask them now - what could we do even better? Capture this feedback in the Follow-up section of the ClientCulture platform.

Goal 2: Better understand client’s needs

The value your service provides depends on the needs of the client. These needs can evolve and shift over time. Check in to understand their current goals, objectives and challenges? Are there opportunities for you to help them solve those challenges? How could you help them service their clients better? Are they having particular challenges with certain types of clients, for example, high net worth clients? These conversations deepen the relationship and build trust and loyalty.

Goal 3: Consider being proactive about referrals?

Why not raise the subject of a referral or introduction? You know that this client is a strong supporter of your service. If you were to begin with clients that have given you 10 out of 10 you are not going to offend them. They have just told you that they are extremely likely to recommend you. In that context, it’s not surprising that you might call and politely raise the topic.

Tip 1: use social proof

We all like to see social proof to help us confirm our own observations. Increasingly, behavioural psychology is learning just how important social proof is as a driver of our behaviour. A client may have decided that you are worth recommending, but this opinion becomes significantly stronger if they learn that the vast majority of your clients also have the same opinion. This is why it is important to share good survey results with your clients. So as you are thanking the client for providing their feedback, mention the results you’ve had overall - “actually we were really pleased with the overall results, clients seem to value what we are doing…in fact, the average score out of 10 was 9…”

Tip 2: take advantage of an implied promise

Another factor at play with the promoter client is since they have said they are 9 or 10 out of 10 likely to recommend you they can feel some obligation to follow through on this implied promise. Contacting them relatively soon after the survey increases the prospects of receiving a referral. So don’t take too long to pick up the phone.

Tip 3: priorisation - high value and multiple referral clients

Be sure to prioritise your efforts when following-up after receiving survey feedback. Don’t simply focus on what you think might be the easier calls to make. Start with the most satisfied, the tens before the nines. Refine this list by client value - platinum and large accounts. Identify if you can those clients that have referred before. These clients have demonstrated a propensity to refer. Often these types of clients can refer multiple times.



Within one or two weeks of the survey.


Start with the highest value clients who scored you a 10 (you can select by value segment in the ClientCulture platform).

Start with "Thank you"

“Hi Catherine, I just called to thank you for your generous feedback to our short client survey the other day. We know we are not perfect and there are areas for improvement, but it is nice to know we are in the ballpark with meeting your expectations. In fact the results overall were really pleasing. Clients seem to value what we are doing…in fact clients in particular like…(discuss the top three loyalty drivers)...” [social proof]

Can we do even better?

“Even though you scored us a 10 on the likelihood to recommend question, there must be something we could improve on from your perspective. Would it be appropriate to talk about this either now, or later, or over a coffee?

Is now a good time?

“You mentioned an improvement suggestion, I’d love to understand that a bit more. What did you mean by? How would this help you? Why…etc” Or, “Is there anything we could do better for you? How could we be more useful or valuable to you? Are there any frustrations you are having with the platform?” [ongoing commitment to excellence]

Client’s needs, goals, challenges

Explore a way into a conversation about business goals…


Remember the client is a fan of yours. Use your own language. Stick to what feels comfortable. For example; “Since you said you were extremely, or 10 out of 10, likely to recommend us, I was wondering is there someone in your network that you think might potentially benefit from working with us... [implied promise] I would certainly make sure we looked after them. [benefit to client] In fact, since the last survey went out we have seen an increase in referrals from existing clients which is really pleasing… [social proof]

If in doubt, just talk

Remember, nothing is perfect. Don't over-prepare this conversation. Don't read a script. The main thing is to just pick up the phone and connect with a client that has given you a vote of confidence already. You've nothing to lose.

Schedule a meeting if you have any questions.

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