Increase referrals with client follow-up

At ClientCulture we believe that successful business development starts with delivering great client experiences.

August 1, 2023

A structured client experience program provides a series of perfect moments to have follow-up conversations with clients about their experience. These moments are golden opportunities to better understand your client's needs and the potential for your firm to meet more of them. Key steps in the process are:

Identify satisfied clients

Running regular client experience surveys provides a steady supply of suitable satisfied clients of value to follow-up with.


Review the client's experience history. What issues have you discussed with them in the past? Is their satisfaction increasing? Has their use of your services been increasing? Have they referred clients to you before? This information is available in Client Culture's dashboards. Finally, review our client follow-up call guides.


Make the call to the client. The first step is to thank the client for the positive feedback. No relationship can be taken for granted. Although the client is generally happy explore areas you can improve.

More services

The next step is take some time to make sure you understand the main priorities for the client in the short, medium and long term. Can you offer advice or assistance in those areas? Do you know someone you trust in your professional network that could assist the client?

This kind of discussion may uncover opportunities for you to provide further services to the client. Quite often a client is not aware of the breadth of your firm's service offering. You may be able to offer a solution your client didn't know you could provide.

Please note, this is not a "sales style" conversation and shouldn't feel pushy or uncomfortable. The goal is simply to better understand the clients goals to see if you can offer genuine assistance and advice.


The last step is to consider the potential for your client to make a referral to a colleague that may need the quality services you provide.

Lower the referral risk - social proof

Reduce the risk for your client to make a referral by reminding them of the high overall client satisfaction of the firm - evidenced by your client experience program.

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