How to use social proof to grow your firm

People look to the actions and behaviours of others to determine their own.

August 1, 2023

We all know this to be true but the work of pyschologists like Robert Cialdini have shown just how powerful this force can be.

The science of persuasion

Cialdini identified six principles of persuasion.

service quality framework

Professionals traditionally use the principle of 'Authority' very well - think the university degree hanging on the office wall. Industry awards can also fit into this category. The principle of 'Liking' is also used well - clients prefer to use professionals they like and enjoy working with.

Social proof / consensus

The last of Cialdini's principles, what he calls 'consensus' or 'social proof', is particularly powerful and something firms could use more.

Increase referrals by up to 30%

ClientCulture clients have observed an increase in referrals by up to 30% with our system. This is consistent with the work of Cialdini. Hotel's increased their towel reuse by guests by 26% simply by telling guests that - 75% of our guests reuse their towels.

Social proof and uncertainty

Cialdini found that the social proof principle is particular powerful in times of uncertainty. Selecting a new professional services firm is very difficult. We can only truly judge the service after we've experienced it. So we naturally look for clues based on the experience of others.

Prove your value

Client Culture's digital badge system provides social proof of your service excellence.

Reduce referral risk

Key to the ClientCulture system is communicating your social proof to your existing clients. Even if a client is satisfied, knowing that other clients are also happy and that your firm's clients are happier than most, reduces the risk for them to make a referral to friends or colleagues.

Increase referral effectiveness

A referral to a potential client is more effective if it backed up with social proof.

Convert more website visitors

Improve the effectiveness of you content marketing strategy by displaying social proof signals of service quality on your website.

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