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Award-winning wealth management firm.

September 19, 2023

About Hamilton Wealth Partners

Hamilton Wealth Partners (HWP) is a prestigious and award-winning wealth management firm, serving a clientele of high net-worth individuals.

A distinguishing characteristic of the practice is its dedicated focus on client service. The management of the firm actively engages with leading customer experience businesses outside their core competency of wealth management to discover ways to perpetually enhance client service delivery. This dedication to best practices has led to study trips to renowned organisations such as the Leading Hotels of the World in New York, Miele in Australia, and Four Pillars Gin.

In 2018, to further their mission of continuous improvement, HWP partnered with Client Culture to execute a Client Experience Program, aiming to collect data that would illuminate areas where the firm:

  • Excelled
  • Required improvement, and
  • Could invest further in relationships.

How Client Culture Helped

Now in its sixth year, Client Culture has designed a client experience program to provide an impartial perspective on the firm’s service quality and relationship dynamics. This initiative aids the firm in:

  • Enhancing client experiences to bolster loyalty
  • Deciphering the key drivers of client loyalty through client segmentation
  • Identifying improvement opportunities
  • Monitoring and tracking client experience over time.
“We have used Client Culture for six years now. What has been really pleasing to the team is we have seen improvement every year, thanks to the work of Client Culture. Our challenge is to keep up this annual improvement, we will always keep trying.”

Will Hamilton, Managing Partner


The client experience, as quantified by the Net Promoter Score (NPS), has seen consistent improvement year after year. Consequently, Hamilton Wealth Partners has secured multiple wealth industry client service awards. Other notable impacts include:

Appreciate being listened to and have benefited from targeted enhancements in client experience and services, informed by their direct feedback.

Gained confidence, insights, and strategic direction.

Developed an understanding of the priorities of clients and acquired the soft skills necessary to augment the client experience.

Achieved brand clarity, established a unique selling proposition, and obtained social proof of service excellence.

Hamilton Wealth Partners continues to successfully distinguish itself by delivering outstanding and industry-leading client experience and service.

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