Macpherson Kelley

A large firm, reinventing client listening and building a connected culture.

September 19, 2023

About Macpherson Kelley

Macpherson Kelley is a large, award-winning law firm and a part of the Multi-Law international legal network. They wanted to make client experience and client service their point of differentiation in the market. However, they lacked data on the experience felt by their clients. To improve, they felt they needed to know better where they excelled and needed improvement. Ideally, they wanted a platform that went further than simply collecting client insights but one that inspired real change in day-to-day operations.

How Client Culture Helped

ClientCulture implemented a client experience program delivering an unfiltered view of the firm’s service and relationships directly to professionals in real-time. This monthly program included all clients who received an invoice that month, thus ensuring unbiased, independent, and trusted data. Feedback was accessible to all legal teams throughout the firm in each of their four offices, to understand the client experience, workshop improvements, and celebrate success. The solution helped the firm address concerns of less happy clients, optimise the experience of other clients to improve loyalty, and understand drivers of client loyalty. The platform also identified clients with the potential for expanded services and willingness to refer. Over 200 staff regularly accessed the platform, reviewed feedback, and insights to continually improve service.

I think it is a great and user-friendly way to receive and track client feedback and improve as a firm.

Belinda Sigismundi, Principal Lawyer


Clients love to be heard about such an important service and benefit from improved client experience and services. Clients gave over 2,300 pieces of overwhelmingly positive feedback and over 1,300 testimonials. 

The executive has established a base metric of client experience to track improvements over time. Leaders know where they excel and can improve, as a firm, an office, a division, and at a team level. The firm has launched a Client Service Awards based on the Program data.

Senior lawyers have Gained confidence in each other and confidently cross-sold.

Learned what matters most to clients and the people or soft skills needed to improve the client experience. They have benefited from increased recognition and engagement.

Gained brand clarity, a point of difference, and social proof of service excellence through LinkedIn tools and a block chain based digital credential trustmark.

Human Resources:
Increased access to positive feedback about individual lawyers to use in recognition programs. Launched an employee net promoter experience program to complement the Client Experience Program. 

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