SXiQ an IBM Company

Delivering digital transformation with a client-centric approach.

September 19, 2023

About SXiQ an IBM Company

SXiQ is a Cloud and Digital Transformation services company specialising in the migration and transformation of complex, mission-critical cloud applications, cloud platforms, and cloud cybersecurity.

Created to support their customer’ journey in the cloud, they focus on simplifying the complexity of technology to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions – rapidly, from an expert and passionate team of IT professionals.

How Client Culture helped

Client Culture implemented a Customer Experience Program to regularly deliver an unfiltered view of the firm’s service and relationships in real-time, to both relationship management and operational teams.

SXiQ wanted reliable data on both ‘what they do well’ and where customers ‘felt improvement was possible.’ SXiQ management believe in the ethos that incremental change, over time, revolutionises customer experience and builds competitive advantage. They wanted a process to help them implement this to help them maintain their position as a leader in cloud migration services.

SXiQ also wanted this data distributed to the entire organisation, not just senior management. It was important to bring the whole organisation along the journey.

"This program is redefining our culture. We are more focused on the success of our customers and celebrating the incredible efforts of our team in delivering service excellence."

John Hanna, CEO


The Program has been embraced by staff and customers alike. 

Staff understand where they excel. Customers provided confirmation that SXiQ was delivering a very high level of service and satisfaction. In particular, customers identified that the top three reasons they recommended SXiQ was:

  1. Technical expertise,
  2. Collaborative partnership, and
  3. Reliability.

As one customer said:

“SXiQ are an extension of our broader IT team and not just a third party vendor.”

Some of the results included:

  1. 71% of customer providing promoter scores
  2. 37% of customer provided perfect 10 out of 10 scores
  3. Enthusiastically attended all-hands staff events with custom-made cookies celebrating results and committing to the improvement journey.

Importantly, customers know that SXiQ is committed to continuous improvement.

As one important customer recently commented:

“Congratulations on your results and well done on closing the loop and sharing with your customers. Not many people do that.”

Finally, SXiQ is also able to share their great results with the market via LinkedIn.

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