A multi-office experience program for this award winning global top 10 practice.

September 19, 2023

About HLB Mann Judd 

HLB Mann Judd is a large Australasian network of accounting firms with offices across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. It is also part of the top ten global advisory and accounting network, HLB International.

The firm has an award-winning tradition of delivering strong client service but they wanted to do even better and make client experience an industry-leading and truly differentiation feature of their service. To improve their client experience, they began working with Client Culture back in 2017.

How Client Culture helps

Client Culture introduced a Client Experience Program, supported by its proprietary technology platform. The Program includes benchmarking and accreditation services to certify HLB Mann Judd’s strong reputation in the market for service excellence. The Program has been running for seven years.

The managed service delivers an unfiltered and unbiased view of HLB’s service and relationship health directly to the relevant professionals in real-time. The solution helps the firm:

  • Enhance its reputation in the market for both service excellence and as an employer of choice
  • Optimise the experience of clients to improve loyalty, by better understanding what clients value
  • Leverage relationships with clients with growth potential to deliver more services    
  • Address concerns of less happy clients (with alerts and structured workflows)

To complement the Client Experience Program HLB Mann Judd introduced an Employee Experience Program using employeeNPS (eNPS). This allowed the firm to understand the critical connection between staff and client experience at a detailed level to help better manage and improve the experience of staff, the key asset of a professional services firm like HLB Mann Judd. 

“Focusing on the client experience (CX) is increasingly important in today’s highly competitive environment. When implemented successfully, a CX strategy drives revenue growth, client retention and loyalty, and increases brand equity."

Holly Dixon, Director of Marketing & Brand - Australasia


Client experience, as measured by NPS, has improved year-on-year.

The positive impacts include:

Consistent improvement, year after year.

Enhanced services and experiences. Love to be heard.

Managing Partners:
Data-driven leadership. Get the benefit of unfiltered and unbiased data to drive conversations and decisions and manage with confidence. Understand where the firm excels, what clients value, what impacts on client churn and where improvement is possible.  

Similarly have the benefit of unfiltered data to drive conversations and decision-making. With greater confidence over the perception of their service and that of other partners they can better collaborate to provide a joined up service approach for their clients.

Insights into client needs. Staff learn what matters most to their clients and the people skills needed to improve the client experience. They also benefit from positive feedback from clients, the end result of their hard work, increasing job satisfaction and engagement. The eNPS program drives year on year improvements in their experience. 

Sharpened brand focus and innovative social proof tools, such as LinkedIn templates and block-chain based digital credentials, to build credibility in the marketplace as well as a library of client testimonials showcasing firm and partner expertise. HLB Mann Judd also received the Network of the Year award for its innovative approach to CX and EX management. 

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